Electric cables used to transmit information are quite different from power cables, both in function and in design. Power cables are designed for high voltages and high current loads, whereas both voltage and current in a communication cable are small. Power cables operate on direct current or low-frequency alternating current, while communication cables operate at higher frequencies.

We manufacture different types of communication cables such as :-

  • Indoor Telephone Cables up to 50 pairs (sheathed and unsheathed)
  • Outdoor Telephone Cables (sheathed and unsheathed)
  • Drop Wires
  • Jumper Wires
  • Self Supporting Cables upto 50 pairs
  • Multi pair cables upto 50 pairs

Our company also manufactures Coaxial Cables. A coaxial cable, which first gained widespread use during World War II, is a two-conductor cable in which one of the conductors takes the form of a tube while the other (smaller but also circular in cross section) is supported, with a minimum of solid insulation, at the centre of the tube. Several of these coaxial units may be assembled within a common jacket, or sheath.